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The comprehensive guide about the virtual Earth2.io universe where everything is possible. Learn how to buy properties, gather resources and build the cities of the future.

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the Earth2.io game

Earth2 is a virtual copy of the real Earth. In Phase 1 the players can buy pieces of last divided into tiles of approximately 10x10m. In later phases, players can adjust landscapes, build houses, gather and process resources, and rent their property. Groups of entrepreneurs join to build cities. Visitors will explore these creations, meet and do business in virtual reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Earth is not a scam. Mapbox places Earth2 below Strava running app and way above KFC. The owners have well established profiles. See Is it a scam?.

You will get value out of your property when people can see it. People might be interested in seeing places which are popular on Earth1, like the Statue of Liberty. Future phases will include resource acquisition and real Earth mines look like the places where resources will be available. But we think that the best place to start with are the megacities where communities of players will create marvelous 3D art.

EPL is not yet active in the game. It will be the unique address of your property similar to the web page's URL. You can market your business easier with attractive EPLs.

So far we don't know much about afterearth.io, but there are several warning signs. See what youtuber The Bowl Combo thinks. Also beware that afterearth is live only since end of March.

Eventually, you might make some money. Today, it's just a very risky investment. Whenever you buy land on Earth2 you are giving them to the developers with only limited options to get them back. Does it have potential? Yes, if it goes as the Earth2 team plans it can be one of the most popular platforms on Earth1. But today don't invest more than you can lose.

Well, Earth1 is out real home planet. The side of the keyboard you are sitting on. Earth2 is the virtual universe this web is all about.

The game is fairly new. It was launched in November 2020. Credit card withdrawals work if your account accepts USD. To prevent various malicious activities, withdrawal requests are still manually reviewed.

In the discussion after the April 2020 Easter Egg hunt the lead developer Nathaniel revealed that team has 35 members. They are hiring more.

Useful Links

You should know these if you want to excel on Earth2


How many tiles were sold? How much does a new land in each country cost? Which class are the new tiles? Which cities are the cheapest? You can find all this information on Earth2 statistics pages - ours, earth2stats.xyz, earth2stats.net, earth2data.com, E2wallet.com, or earth2data.com.

Official channels

Keep on eye on the information form the Earth2 team - facebook, discord, twitter.

News and Social

Never miss the news about Earth2 - e2.news. Also join the first Earth2 solcial network e2dc.

Humans Hazy and Kangy are discussing the lastest Earth2 topics with their guest on the My Name Is Human podcast.


Wanna get the latest opinion from real people you see in front of the camera. Watch Earth2 Odyssey, The Bowl Combo, TheRealRandyChavez, Violet Adazé, Earth2META, Matt Lorion, Earth2 Mastery and some videos of Earth Bound.


Follow Resources District on discord.

Resources and city map on earth2biomes.com.

List of cities ours, earth2builders.


Aerial views of many megacities and Earth1 cities on e2maps.io. Watch these beautiful drone flyovers over the megacities on SymmetryFilms YouTube.


Cities, Megacities and Collonies

Don't play alone, join one of the city development projects on the Earth2. See Earth2 City and Guild Statistics

Earth2 Cities and Guilds
Earth2.io Timeline

History of Earth2 improvements

Near Future

Phase 2

With EPL and Essence Earth2 will enter Phase 2.

EPL and Essence

Properties will produce Essence. Players can use Essence to buy a unique property domain.

April 2021

Easter Egg Hunt

Latest landscape video including some initial version of buildings released. Those who spot the hidden eggs got rewarded.

Buying with cathcpa

Another obstacle for bots. Whenever you buy a property you must confirm that you're not a bot.

Joker enters the scena

Mysterious Joker started to buy famous spot. He spent E$20,000 on Machu Picchu.

March 2021

Dubai Release

Mixed feeling about 7 UAE Emirates release that caused servers to crash. Some players managed to acquire cheap tiles in UAE, others didn't.